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The first and largest digital learning platform for creative professions. Developed by design educators, researchers and industry experts, the curriculum thrives on career aligned learning.

Why Indian School of Design

Design industry has different segments and each segment requires specific understanding and skillset. The conventional schools offer a general design curriculum which doesn’t enable a learner to learn the strategic skillsets required for specific segments within the curriculum. Due to this generalization, the curriculum is overloaded, boring and students have to learn lot of irrelevant material that is not applicable for the job they dream to do.

Designed by experts & professionals, Indian School of Design creates tailor - made courses that emphasize on developing industry specific niche for each student.

Advantages only available with Indian School of Design

Indian School of Design courses have been created by professionals from the design industry for sharing valuable insights from their own professional experiences that aids in development of valuable skills such as individual design methodology, entrepreneurship, market intelligence, understanding the scope of design, forecast & trends.

Key Features Only Available With Our Courses

Additionally, our courses add real time value to the learning experience by incorporating.

Real life case studies to enable easier comprehension of the learning.

Experiential learning via hands on course exercises and assessments.

Streamlined content that allows learners to master key skills.

Our Courses

Fashion Design Course:  To Be A Fashion Designer (English)

Fashion Design Course:  To Be A Fashion Designer (Hindi)

Export House Fashion Design Foundation Course

Our Contributors

Abhijeet Khanna
Fashion Designer, NIFT Delhi

Atul Saxena
Textile Designer, NIFT Delhi

Ayushi Pahwa
Fashion and Textile Designer

Gaurav Mandal
Fashion Designer and Academician - NIFT Delhi

Laxmi Singh
Academician and Media Advisor

Namrata Niasi
Fashion Designer - NIFT

Fashion Designer, NIFT Delhi

Nilambuj Sharan Singh
Economic Advisor - Director of Department of Food and Public Distribution. Government of India

Soumen Mukherjee

Accessory designer, NIFT New Delhi, Sr. Visual Merchandising Manager - Apparel Group, Dubai

Sundeepa Bamval

Textile Designer -NIFT Delhi

Surbhi Jain

Fashion Designer - NIFT Delhi

"A Designer is an emerging synthesis of Artist, Inventor, Mechanic, Objective Economist, and Evolutionary Strategist."

- Buckminster Fuller